Light Show 5: “Night Sky”

It’s been a while since I’ve touched this light show project so I discovered a few things going back at it. The leftmost blue LED is disconnected, probably at the Arduino headers, which was a huge headache when I was building it. I’ll go in to fix it soon.

It wasn’t until after the first show that I realized that not all of the pins on the background LEDs (the “floodlights” as I call them) are connected to PWM pins. It’s sort of lobsided where one RGB LED has all PWMed outputs while the other just has red PWMed. I’m thinking of leaving one color each with PWM and try and add something new with the leftover PWM pins…

As with most of my shows, there are parts I’m more proud of than others… Thought I’d mention that for the millionth time. Anyways, thanks for watching!

Check out the Arduino Light Show project page, as well as my guide for getting started with Arduino, electronics, and LEDs!

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