Project “Luminosity”

This project has been sitting on my project organizer for about a week or so. Now that I’ve gotten some work done on it, I’m ready to share some details about it.

Project “Luminosity” is a working name for a project that is essentially a guide for people to get started with the Arduino, with a focus on LED and light-based projects. It starts with basic electricity theory and works up to more advanced concepts, such as using shift registers, how multiplexing works, and implementing the concept into a 7-segment display. It also speaks to hardware options, covering components you may use in an LED project and the ways of connecting them together. The project is supposed to be a guide you go through to learn about the Arduino and glowy things, but, in the end, it’s meant to lay out all of the options you have when building an LED project.

Right now, I’ve been writing everything out in Word and have gotten up to 30 pages with still some more to go. It’s a very rough draft at this point. I’ve set the deadline to complete a decent draft by the end of the next work week (next Friday). I’ve been thinking about what happens next so finishing writing is just one of many worries with this project.

The ideal goal for me is to eventually come up with a components kit that includes my written work so you have the guide and components to work with. The guide would be included on an USB stick as a PDF file or possibly a Windows program. Realistically, I’d probably end up putting the guide on the website, even though I wanted the guide to be an offline resource. Also, with the website, I’d have to find proper webhosting, which I cannot really afford. It’s a headache thinking about these options.

So that’s all I have to say on this right now. Hopefully I’ll have another update to share with you on this soon.


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