Charlieplexed 4×4 Matrix w/Attiny85

Between the light show and EERef, I haven’t had any time to really think about how to use these Attiny85’s I recently bought. After some image searching for inspiration, I settled on a 4×4 matrix using the charlieplexing technique.

IMG_1164Since the final thing would be soldered, I really wanted to hammer out the details on paper to make sure I got things right the first time. I did some sketching to make sure the schematic makes sense… As an experiment project like this, I didn’t bother prototyping on a breadboard so my plans had to be right. I sketched out the perfboard layout on some grid paper (not pictured) which is always a massive help.
Soldering went perfectly fine. I’m really happy with it.IMG_1163I manually tested each LED by connecting a hot and ground wire to the appropriate pins on the socket, and it works as it should. I ordered some headers and terminal blocks last night so it should have a way to connect power by the end of the week. I did some simple tests with the Attiny85 (powered by poking wires at it) and that worked as well. Programming will continue on while I wait for the terminal block. A final update will be posted when it’s all done. Thanks for reading!


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