EERef Version 1.2 now available!

1Version 1.2 update is made up of two parts. The first part is that there’s color added throughout the program, with background colors for content areas and gradient backgrounds for titles. The colors do add some consistency and wayfinding in the layout (blue for input, orange for instructions, green for results, reds for tutorial), although it does get a little mixed up in other areas of the program. More tweaks to the new color additions will come in a maintenance update in the future.2The second part is a big refresh of the quiz feature, introduced in version 1.1. The EERef Quiz Center has a fresh look and a new points system that will hopefully make it more attractive to use. I’ve also added a new Logic Operations quiz to the collection with more to come as the program gets more content.

Download it now!

PS. As you may come across in the program, this update is dedicated to a colleague of mine who passed away suddenly last Thursday. I felt like I should put a note in the program because I started working on this update that same day.


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