And so it begins… Light Show #5!

First thing’s first: The Arduino Light Show project now has its own webpage. It has all of the updated information on the project, including a reorganization of the version numbers. I’ve started on a new show that will be version #5.

This show is going back to the basics. It will more or less be version 2, but with an expanded amount of “ground” LEDs and will use different methods of construction. I’m hoping it will be more polished this time around.
1_layoutI went through different layouts of the ground LEDs but this one ended up being it. There are four rows of different colors and one reduced back row of white LEDs that will mostly be used as a flash/strobe light whenever that’s needed.2_cutOnce I got the layout confirmed, I chopped the board so that it would be just large enough to hold all of the LEDs. It’s just slightly larger than a breadboard.3_solderLEDsSoldering the LEDs on took about an hour. Each LED will be addressable (not multiplexed) so one leg goes to the ground bus while the other leg will get a resistor and wire to go to the Arduino. I thought about using headers to make things easier but I think almost everything will be soldered.4_testLEDsI tested all of the LEDs and, after closing a few missed connections, they are all fine.5_solderresistorsThe next day, I soldered a resistor to each LED. The blue and red LEDs have 620-ohm resistors while the rest have 220-ohm resistors. I did a little testing to see how each color looks on the two resistor options (admittedly after soldering, which wasn’t the greatest idea). To make sure that one color doesn’t overpower the rest, these were the resistor-LED combos that worked the best. Unfortunately, the green LEDs are dim no matter what but hopefully it won’t look too bad in the end.

The next step is to solder wires to each LED that will go to the Arduino, and then figure out how I want to insulate everything. I’ll probably end up pretty much pouring hot glue all over it…


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