Blog administrative stuffs

A couple changes to the blog…

First thing: The tag line of the blog has changed from Roller coasters, electronics projects, and more! to just Electronics projects and experiments!

My original intention was to post about my electronics projects, along with what’s going on in the amusement park industry and any other things I find interesting. The focus has been on electronics projects to the point where I don’t want to post any amusement park things because I don’t want to alienate the audience that’s here (see my YouTube channel…).

The second thing is that, after Adafruit featured my Light Show project, I wanted to go over the page and make things a little neater. I’m satisfied with all of the changes I made, but the formatting is disgusting because of WordPress. I enjoy making websites from scratch because I like feeling in control of everything. I have no control over these WordPress themes, especially using their free service… but since it’s free, I guess I shouldn’t complain. I do plan on getting away from WordPress pages and start making webpages for all of my projects, like with the Arduino Temperature & Humidity Monitor and EERef. More updates on this when that happens.

The last thing doesn’t have anything to do with the blog… A new project is just starting to be planned out. It was the other reason for going over (/preparing) the Light Show page. 😉


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