First playdate with Attiny

Today, I got some Attiny85 chips in the mail. I followed everything in this guide to get me started:

IMG_1088I programmed my first chip using the tutorial. It was a lot easier than I thought, though there are a few steps I’ll have to remember.

IMG_1099The next thing I did was make a shield for my Uno to make programming the Attiny chips easier. I messed up a couple of times because I didn’t place the headers in the right position, and this was my first time soldering headers so I didn’t know the proper method of placing them on the board. Once I figured out exactly how to go about it, I ended up with a pretty decent shield. I left a lot of space on the board to leave myself some reminder notes on how to program the chips.

So now I have a new way of giving my project a brain. Hopefully I’ll think of something to use them in soon.


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