Wastebin Project – Ghetto Mountain (PS. I Love Adafruit)

This is another Wastebin Project (electronics experiment). It’s a cardboard cutout of Wonder Mountain at Canada’s Wonderland, with some LEDs pointed at it. It’s inspired by their 3D projection mapping show, Starlight Spectacular.
IMG_1010The original plan was to have different layers of the mountain separated far enough to put LEDs in between the layers to light up each layer. It didn’t look very good so I ended up just gluing all of the layers together which still left me with a pretty nifty cardboard cutout of the mountain. I still wanted to try lighting it up so I just put some RGB LEDs on a breadboard and bent them to try and light up sections of the mountain. The clear lens RGB LEDs would have been perfect for that but each color doesn’t shine at the same position so that didn’t work. At least I got to try my new diffused RGB LEDs.

It was fun to have a go at this, actually funny that I posted that video about half an hour before discovering my light show projects were featured on the Adafruit blog for Arduino Day. It really means a lot to me. Thank you Adafruit!

PS. I really need to fix up the Featured Project pages. Some of them may be (and have been) transferred to their own separate site. It’s been done for EERef and the Arduino Temperature/Humidity Monitor.


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