New Parts #1

I seem to post a photoshoot whenever I get a new package so I’m starting a new category called “New Parts” where these kind of posts will be grouped together. This is the first post for the category.

I got a package today from Dipmicro. This was the largest package I’ve ever gotten from them. There are many goodies in it for specific projects, to play around with, and to refill my supply of parts.

IMG_0926I got some PCBs. I ordered the large one really just to see how big it is in person… and it’s huge. I’ll probably end up just cutting it up into smaller boards.IMG_0927I refilled a few colors of LEDs and resistors for them. I also got some diffused RGB LEDs which are new to my collection. Perhaps a new light show is on the horizon…IMG_0928I’m making a Wii bar for my brother. It’s a simple circuit with some infrared diodes. I need some batteries, though.IMG_0929I got another Atmega chip and refilled on things I need for them: sockets, 22pF capacitors, and 16Mhz oscillators.IMG_0930The last things are sort of miscellaneous stuff. The resistors are just refilling my supply of 10K and 1.5K resistors. I got a couple more 5V regulators. I needed a potentiometer to finish the Box project, so I got 10 just to have extras handy for future projects. Finally, I got a bridge rectifier so I’ll be doing a small revisit to the rectifier tutorial.

That’s everything! Time to have some fun!


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