EERef: Update 1

Since announcing I was working on this project, a few things have happened…

I opened up the project over the weekend to discover the entire Color to Resistance Calculator tab was blank. It was sickening because that was the majority of my work so far. After an hour of trying to recover it, this project was cancelled. I realized the code was still there so I threw together the UI again and made the code use the new buttons. The project was revived! Once that was sorted out, I kept working through the weekend and have completed a few things.1The tutorials were going to be on the same window but I felt like it was getting even more cluttered than it already is. The tutorials have been separated into their own windows now. Right now, the focus is to get the functionality and basic content completed. I’ve finished everything for resistors and capacitors. The next part is the number systems.

I’m still working out how to approach this. When I made the EEToolbox website, the calculators were easy to make because PHP already has functions that convert between number systems. In my quick search, I haven’t found any solutions quite as easy for VB.

In other news, if Canada Post pulls through, I should have my “big” package in today. That means this project may get swept to the side to complete the temperature & humidity monitor Box project. I’ll try splitting my time between both… and the PLC trainer program.


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