New project: EERef

It seems every time I’m waiting around for a package, I end up in Visual Studio. I’ve got a new project to announce!

1Back when I was trying to learn PHP, I made a website called the Electronics Engineering Toolbox. The website was a reference for electronics hobbyists and engineers with component code calculators and number system converters. It lost steam, but I did learn a lot about using PHP in that one which was the main point. I’m now converting it into a Windows program under the name EERef, or Electronics Engineering Reference.

I made the website before I got into Arduino and PLC programming so I expect both of those topics to be included in the program eventually. At this point, I’m just trying to get the converters and tutorials for them working before I add anything beyond what was on the Toolbox website. I don’t want to be too ambitious, but I also don’t want this project to lose steam.

It seems like Visual Basic doesn’t have the same functions as PHP that made it so easy to get the converters working so it may take a while. I hope to have some more updates to post soon. I just wanted to make a post of what I’m working on now.

PS. I also planned out the PLC trainer program but that’s pretty much been moved aside by this project…


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