Good news, bad news, progress.

Let’s start with the good news!

IMG_0899I stripped a USB cable I had and soldered some solid core wire to it.IMG_0902It works just fine with any USB power source (5v). I taped up the connection, but I did it over again even tighter than what it looks like in the picture. I wanted to make it thick enough so it doesn’t flex a lot at that point because the wires in the USB cable are really tiny.

It’s hard talking about failures but they happen. Here’s the bad news, though it’s unrelated to this project:

IMG_0900I tried soldering the Atmega circuit to this prototyping board. It didn’t work.IMG_0901If you look closely, you’ll see the traces that are covered by the silkscreen. They throw me off a lot as I’m adding components on it. I have yet to have a successful project soldered on one of these boards, so I’m glad that this was my last one. I’m sticking to the perfboards with individual pads. I’ve had better experiences with them.

Now that the bad news is out of the way, let’s throw in some more good news!

My Dipmicro package shipped last night! I don’t expect it to arrive until early next week, though.

I found a stash of 9v batteries that I didn’t even know I had. I’ve been thinking of doing the “final” roaming robot, with the challenge of making it as small as possible since I learned to use the Atmega chip by itself. My biggest issue is power because it can’t be tethered to the wall and I don’t want to pour money into buying new batteries for it all the time. Since these robots are pretty much the only thing I’d power with batteries and I found four 9v batteries, there’s a better possibility of this happening.

One last thing… I still have to start the PLC Trainer program. I wrote up an old mixing tank situation last year so I’ll probably dig that up to get things going. I came up with the idea of using the new LED panel to show the tank level instead of using each LED to indicate the current state of the program. I’ll have more on that once I get to writing the plan out.


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