Thinking out loud

Last night, I put in an order at Dipmicro. If the package arrives soon, this week should be a productive one, though most of the things will get done at the tail end of the week. In the mean time, I’ll be working on a couple of tutorials. Once the package comes, I’ll be revisiting the rectifier tutorial because I bought a bridge rectifier. I’m also going to build a Wii bar for my brother. I’ve never played on the Wii before, but I’ve gathered that the bar is just a simple circuit with some infrared diodes. Finally, The Box project will finally get enclosed once I get a potentiometer for the LCD backlight. Here’s a quick update on that:

IMG_0861I’ve had the project running for the most of the days since I got it up and running. I’ve just been looking for bugs while I wait for the potentiometer. All of the bugs have just been clock formatting issues (wrong AM/PM, spacing, etc). When it’s all soldered, the Atmega chip will sit in a socket so uploading new code is always possible. Since the last update, I added another button that changes what the LEDs are doing (chasing, all on, all off). In the picture above, you can see I’ve set them all to be off. I also added a heatsink to the regulator.IMG_0860This project will likely end up on my top shelf alongside my LED nametag. Since I plan to have it regularly running, batteries are out of the question but I don’t like this adapter because it’s so big. I could power it with my desk lighting system, but I want it to be portable enough to move it to another room. I guess for now, I’ll stick with this adapter until I can find one that’s smaller. I may just go and buy another 5v supply (cheap and fairly small) like the one for my desk lighting system, but I’d have to make a final decision on that before I get to soldering because I’d need to remove the regulator.

Watch out for a new tutorial soon. Thanks for visiting!


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