Temperature and Humidity Monitor: Update 1.1.2

Yesterday, I posted about doing over the soldering for the DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor. In the post, I mentioned that the temperature scale appeared to top out at 30ºC. I’m not sure what went wrong, but when I went to fix it, it wasn’t an issue. While I was in Visual Studio, I did a little tinkering and added something new.

new1I removed the status bar that showed the current time and the timer telling you how long the historic values were true. I removed the current time because it was a waste of space, and I removed the historic value timer because it didn’t make a lot of sense with the new pause button. When you click the pause button, it stops requesting data from the Arduino until you click it again.new2The full log also gets a note mentioning the pause if you do decide to pause the logging.

The last minor change was adding a link to the Device Manager how-to window in the manual connection screen. You can get the download on the Temperature & Humidity Monitor project page.


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