My Soldering Station Setup

The kit that I bought for my first semester of college included basic soldering tools to get started. Over the years, I’ve upgraded and added new soldering equipment. In this post, I’ll show you my temporary setup that I put together every time I have to solder something. It’s kind of embarrassing but when you’ve got the smallest room in the house you work with what you’ve got.

IMG_0801I called my soldering station temporary because it is. When I’m not soldering something, my PLC trainer is taking up the space.
IMG_0802Once I move over my PLC trainer and lay down a piece of cardboard to protect the plastic, the station is ready to put together.IMG_0808This is what my soldering station looks like once it’s set up… One toolbox stores my soldering equipment, except for the soldering station and helping hands. The other toolbox has tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and cutters.IMG_0804I’ve never used any other solder as this is what I was taught using. I always get scared away from the rolls of the solder because of the price even though it probably works out cheaper. I’m used to working with the tube in hand so it’s not an issue.
IMG_0807I bought some solder wick a couple of years ago because I’m bad at using the sucker. It comes in handy when I want to salvage a board.IMG_0806This is my graveyard of soldering irons. The black one is one my brother bought. The orange one is the one I got from school. They’re both really cheap and I’ve cleaned the oxidized tips of both at least once with steel wool. I used to avoid soldering in my projects because of my cheap irons so I eventually got a better one as seen in the previous pictures.

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