Project Lineup Progress Update

A week and a half ago, I made a post outlining five projects I wanted to work on. I wanted to summarize how the list is going, along with other things I’m doing, and what’s in store for the next little while.

Here are the projects that were on that list:

Light Timer Modification – Complete – This was a modification to the Light Timer project where it would automate the control of the lights based on the light in area as sensed by the photoresistor instead of the time of day. It was completed fairly quickly and is in regular use.

Light Nametag – Complete – This was a simple project where I wanted to spell out my name in LEDs. While I didn’t get the patterns to work, the result is still satisfying.

Desk Light Project – Complete – I wanted to install LEDs around my desk so that I wouldn’t have to use the ceiling light. The project was completed and is in regular use.

Animatronic Head – Starting Soon – I want to create an animatronic head that has neck motion, LED matrix eyes, and an LCD for the mouth for the basic features. I have not given it much thought past that.

PLC Trainer ProgramStarting Soon – I want to practice my ladder logic programming as I haven’t really touched it in a while. This project will likely run parallel to the Animatronic Head project. Both of these projects need more planning before I actually start either.

In addition to these projects, one additional project came up and was completed. That is the Shelf Lighting System I made for my brother. As I’ve said plenty of times, it was an exhausting project so I’m starting back with my projects a little slower than I usually do.

I want to add more things to the Featured Projects page and get more individual project pages up as well.

Besides my projects, I’m [slowly] reading a book about robotics. It’s great because it almost picks up where the George Brown College PLC program left off (which I finished a week or so ago) as the program gave a small introduction to robotics at the end. I may start writing up tutorials on the blog but that needs some more consideration. I’m also looking for a job but that’s obviously not going very well.

If you haven’t already, follow me on Google+. The posts I make there are usually behind-the-scenes look while I do things and content that doesn’t really suit the blog (usually because it’s too short).

Thanks for reading!


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