Name Tag Project: Completed using Plan C

The LED name tag project is complete! Two things went wrong so I fell back on backup plans. The end result is a simpler version of what it was supposed to be. The original plan was to have a standalone LED name tag, powered by an Atmega328 circuit. I didn’t have a capacitor for the voltage regulator so it wouldn’t have its own power supply, and something went wonky with the Atmega328 circuit. There’s more on that below.

IMG_0741To fix the no-voltage-regulator problem, I went back to the Desk Lighting Project to steal some power from it. In that project, I said that it was expandable simply by soldering on a couple of wires to the dip switch board. One of the switches now controls the power to the LED name tag.
IMG_0742The next step was to set up the Atmega328 chip. I’ve had great success in other projects where it worked right off the bat. This time, it didn’t. Taking out and plugging back in some capacitors got it going but it eventually started going all weird on me. The program sequences would get stuck in a for-loop forever or skip lines of code. It worked fine when it was running on the Arduino Uno. After about half an hour of trying to figure out what was wrong, I gave up and decided to let the switch control it. There won’t be any patterns, unfortunately. I have a feeling it’s the oscillator so I’ll order some more whenever I feel like it, along with those capacitors I need for the voltage regulator. I’ll take a break on these Atmega328 powered projects for a while.
IMG_0743It looks nice on the desk among my random things. In person, it looks better the further you are away from it. I think it may look better with diffused LEDs but I’m still satisfied with it.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be working on updating my Featured Projects page, as well as a post summarizing my recent projects and what I’m up to next.


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