Desk Lighting Project: Complete!

So the Desk Lighting Project is complete! I took some video along the way so I don’t have any construction pictures. I’ll quickly run through the process though.

The first thing to do was prep the power supply, the 5V one I mentioned in my last post. That meant chopping off the plug on it, stripping the wire, then joining it to some 22-gauge wire using a butt crimp.

The next step was soldering the LEDs to resistors. Each LED color is grouped in pairs, including three pairs of white LEDs for the main area. The white LEDs were also soldered together in a string.

The last step involving soldering was setting up the DIP switch to control the different colors.  There are only four right now, but it is expandable. I just have to solder on a couple of more small wires if I wanted to add a new color. From the DIP switch, the LEDs are connected using jumper wires.

The last step was simply taping the wires and LEDs to the desk. It’s not quite as discrete as I was hoping but, in the end, it kind of looks cool. It makes me desk look less boring.

IMG_0722This is the final positioning of the DIP switch control.IMG_0725This is how the wiring of the white LED area looks. There’s a little extra wire but the tape is doing a decent job keeping it under control.IMG_0724Not quite discrete, but it’s kind of cool looking.IMG_0720I can’t seem to get a good picture. The red LEDs are not quite as bright as the rest of the LEDs on the desk but it’s still fine. If you look at the desk straight on, the LEDs look kind of silly. It looks just how I was expecting it to from where I sit at the desk, though.IMG_0716This is the best picture I could get of the view I have. While I was taping everything to the desk, I was getting disappointed because things didn’t look quite right as it was moving along. In the end, I’m really happy with it.

The Atmega chips didn’t come in today so the name tag project can’t join the rest of the LEDs just yet. Like I said, I did some video recording while building this project. I hope to sort through all that by the end of the weekend.


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