I’ve got the power

I made the decision to run out to Sayal Electronics to make it back in time for the women’s final hockey game in Sochi. If my package from Dipmicro comes in tomorrow, this weekend should be a great one.
IMG_0661The main reason for going was for some solder which I ran low on in the LED name tag project.IMG_0663Now for the power adapters. I picked up this 9v 1A power supply. It looks to be one for some old portable gaming device from Atari in 1990.IMG_0664I’m not sure if I regret this or not yet. The barrel plug is too small for an Arduino and you don’t need 9v to power a standalone Atmega chip. I have some 5v regulators from a failed project so at least I won’t have to go out and buy anything else.IMG_0662I bought another adapter, this one 5v 2A. I think this will be the one I’ll use for the desk lighting system, even if 2 amps is overkill. It definitely won’t draw that much, but this adapter was just a couple bucks. The varied output on the label kind of confuses me so I’ll have to check it with my multimeter before I use it.IMG_0666My intention was to look for barrel jacks with thru-hole pins I could plug into a breadboard or solder on a perfboard. I wasn’t satisfied with the ones I saw in the store so I decided I’ll just chop off the plug and strip the wires.

Let’s hope Canada Post shines and delivers my Dipmicro package tomorrow. (lol)

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