While I wait for the Atmega chips to arrive for the LED name tag project, I’ve started to think about the desk lighting package. Pretty much the only problem I have is the power supply.
IMG_20140219_101931I have one 3-AA battery holder with a switch and a few 9v battery holders (no switches on them). I don’t have any more batteries. As I mentioned in the initial post about this project, different areas of my desk will be lit with different colors. I’m going to use a DIP switch so I can turn off areas of the desk individually. With the DIP switch, I can use one of the switches as a power supply switch. That means that I don’t necessarily have to use the 3-AA battery holder with the switch already on and I don’t have to find a switch for the 9v battery holder. It all comes down to what batteries I’ll go out and buy. To be honest, I’m starting to lean toward just buying a plug for this project. I’m broke so I can’t afford a money pit that would be buying new batteries all the time. I’m going to Sayal soon (probably the weekend) so I’ll look out for one there.

Thanks for reading!


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