Hello. I am M.

I’ve been going along with the nametag project… I’ve hit another snag (obviously). After declaring not to spend any more money, I’ve run out of solder. I’ve got a little left that may last me for the rest of the project if I’m conservative about it. I was thinking about running out to one of the Sayal Electronics stores tomorrow (there are two about the same distance from me). However, there’s yet another snow system coming in overnight, and bus fare is more expensive than shipping these days, unless I go to the one in my region and make the trip quick to keep it all in the 2-hour transfer. If all else fails, I can wait until the weekend to borrow the car. Anyways, here’s a progress report.

IMG_20140217_141919The first thing I did was try to lay out the LEDs on the cardboard. I poked holes using the printed letters I showed you in a previous post, then poked additional holes for the two legs of each LED. The letters came out a bit crooked but they look ok… if you look at them from certain angles.IMG_20140217_170218I covered it in black tape before putting in the LEDs for real.

IMG_20140217_170249The next part was to solder all of the legs of the LEDs together to make them all parallel with one another.IMG_20140217_195516This is what it looks like with the M all wired up. I was going to wrap some of the wires that are close to one another with electrical tape, but the whole bouquet of resistors is pretty stiff so I don’t think they’ll ever touch.IMG_20140217_195452I think it looks ok. I mean, you can still read it.

I’ll let you know what happens with my solder shortage…


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