If money were no object

… I’d build all the random things.

I’m currently sitting here on this Sunday night with a growing cart on Dipmicro that’s shrinking at the same time. With no job and funds running low, this will be my last order for a while. I’m set on getting some more Atmega chips so I’m putting in one last order no matter what. It’s just that I always feel regret for not picking up that one other thing everytime I get a package from them. I want to make sure I get everything I need for the projects I’m working on at the moment.

The  projects I have planned are made from parts I already have. The only thing that could run out are my LEDs. From the light show projects, you should know how much I love my LEDs. I wanted to see how many LEDs I’d need for the nametag project so I tried planning them out.

IMG_20140216_203129I wanted to have both nametags to be two different solid colors. At the moment, I don’t have enough LEDs of any color to do either of the names that way. I’m going to cut this project down to just one name tag, my first name in the short form (Matt). That’s 39 LEDs. I’ve got enough red LEDs for that, though they have clear lenses which I didn’t prefer for this project but I can live with it.

So by the end of this thought process, my cart has some Atmega chips and sockets, oscillators for them, and some blue diffused LEDs I’ve never purchased before to get my order up to exactly $15+tax for their free shipping promotion right now. I’m going to get off of the store now…


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