Saturday Night Soldering

With the real time clock (RTC) stripped from the Light Timer Project with the success of the modification earlier today, I decided to solder it to free up the breadboard. I was going to get a socket for the chip but I just went for it and soldered it directly. I know that the heat and static can mess up any IC if you solder it directly but I took my time and tried not to leave the heat on it for too long. Even if things went wrong, it’s not an expensive mistake.

Anyways, success! Today was a good day.IMG_20140215_214218I plugged it in and set in the time. It worked without any issues.IMG_20140215_214339I’m getting used to these boards with individual pads now that I have a thinner conical tip on my iron. I just need to control the amount of solder I’m putting a little better.

That’s enough for one day. I’ll be starting the prototyping for the LED nametags soon. I need to find some material (cardboard) for it.

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