Light Timer Modification… Complete!

That went a lot smoother than I was expecting. This was more or less an overnight project. I started last night and completely finished and installed  today around 2pm. Here’s some pictures and details of the process.1The first thing I wanted to do was to get the photoresistor/light sensor working. It works fine, but I’ll have to monitor it for the next few days to make sure the sensitivity is appropriate.2The next step was to test out the Atmega circuit. It went well on the breadboard. The green LED is a power indicator and the push button is to reset the chip.3The sensor works in my completely darkened room. I’ll have to see how it reacts in the hallway.
4The final step was transferring everything onto a soldered prototyping board. I had this larger one lying around for a while. The more room to work with, the better.5I soldered the socket and power connections first.7The process continued until it was complete. I much prefer using these prototyping boards that already have rails/traces.6It was great to see it work as it did on the breadboard on the first power up. The adapter was giving the Arduino Uno board 9v. It’s a variable adapter so I dropped it down to 5v (hovers between 5.1v to 5.6v). I was thinking about adding a 5v regulator but I believe it will work fine since the adapter should be doing that already. I have more 9v battery connectors than I do AA/AAA cell holders so I’ll eventually have to start using the regulators in my projects.

So that’s it for the light timer modification! I plan on taking the real time clock circuit off of the breadboard and solder it onto a small prototyping board. It’ll likely be in use in the animatronic head project. I’m set to order more of the chips for the name tag project. Check out my previous post on a full list of my current projects. Thanks for reading!


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