Introducing “Wastebin Projects” with a leaping start

There are many times where I just feel like building something but I don’t know what exactly. I end up laying out all the parts I have in front of me and just fool around with them until an idea gets rolling. These projects are not worth keeping around but I do try to take away lessons from it. I’m starting a new section on this blog called “Wastebin Projects”. These projects will only ever see a single post on the blog before they go back in the wastebin.

I’m beginning with something I made today… a cardboard Frog Hopper ride.
1See why I’m calling them wastebin projects? I don’t care much about appearances but just the functionality. To be honest, my final projects are just things like this covered up to make it look nicer.4The biggest issue was getting the winch to work properly. I’m using a small 9g continuous servo motor for the winch so I was afraid it wouldn’t be able to take the tension but it worked. I know for the real deal they use a counterweight but I’m not quite ready to figure that out. The guide for the wire near the bottom of the tower is to keep the wire inside of the width of the spool as it kept falling out without it. Also, the wire is a piece of floss.2It’s times like these where I wish I had a 3D printer. Cardboard is easy to work with but it’s not really strong unless it’s layered up. The wheel assemblies are from the Knex roller coaster cars.
3To test the motion of it, I had three different pins to control the motor that I would hop between. One would be to jog it up, one would be to jog it down, and the last one is a looping bouncing sequence. You can see all three in this video:


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