PLC Trainer revisited: Addition complete!

Well, that took less time than I was expecting. I owe it all to my new soldering iron and helping hands which helped speed up that part of the build.

1This doesn’t look very different from the last time I touched the panel… which was a long time ago. It’s simple to just “click” the new output module on, as the name suggests. This PLC is branded as Click PLCs since the modules connect to each other by just snapping them onto each other without a backplane.2I used the 4 AAA battery holder to supply the power for the 8 LEDs. I don’t have a lot of useable cardboard around anymore so it came out really flimsy. I built it with a surface that big so that I could label each LED. 3Despite a weird brown piece of cardboard hanging off of the side now, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. It’s much better than my last attempt with random LEDs crapping out. The following is a short video of a lamp test. It came in handy this time as I had two of the LEDs swapped accidentally.

I’ll start programming some simulated processes now that the panel is at its full potential. Stay tuned for posts on that.

Before I end this, I thought I’d mention that I’m planning another Arduino project. I have no ideas yet, but I don’t like these parts just lying around.

Thanks for reading!


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