Battery pack care + PLC Trainer revisited

IMG_20140205_185252So I have a few of these battery holders laying around. The wires are not easy to work with because they’re all stranded wire. I’m usually plugging them into breadboards or female jumper wires so stranded wire just doesn’t work for me. I gathered them all up and decided to replace the wires for all three of them. IMG_20140205_205935It turned out well. I checked all of the connections using my multimeter.

I worked on these battery packs because I’m planning on revisiting the old PLC trainer. I want to bring back the additional 8 LEDs. It didn’t work out last time because I was using the same power supply for everything and I think it didn’t have enough current to drive the LEDs. This time I’ll be using a battery pack. If things go well, it shouldn’t take too long to complete. I’ll have more on this later. Stay tuned!

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