Light Show 3: Jumped the shark?

After just two videos, and neither of them programmed to songs, I’m calling the light show project done. Forever. Or at least for now.

The build was everything I expected it to be, and yet it still felt incomplete. That’s the way I feel about all of my projects, though. There was more than enough to work with, even with this feeling, and that contributed to the early end of this project. Having servos in the light shows make them unique to just LEDs laid out on a breadboard like my first experiments with Arduino. However, it also complicates things because I had to figure out ways to have the LEDs and servos do things simultaneously. It becomes a lot to take on when it takes hours to produce a few seconds of a show.

The next reason I’m closing up this project now is so that I can focus on other projects. This project is sort of the “fun” project, but lately I’ve been trying to find more practical projects like the temperature and humidity monitor and the light timer. In the end, the goal is to have an end product that I can show off, possibly to future employers.

There may be a future for the light show project down the line, but it’s not in my sights at this point. On a somewhat related note, I did do one experiment while I was working on this project.

IMG_20140128_124709I’ve always thought of using my Nexus 7 tablet as a screen. I think it would take most of the focus off of the LEDs to give me an easier time programming. However, it complicates things because I’d be more comfortable having original content on the screen which I’m not capable of doing.

The grand vision in the first place, at the very beginning of these light shows, was fountains. The inspiration for these light shows originated from World of Color at Disney California Adventure so it’s not surprising that replicating the show to some extent would be the goal. I’m not quite ready to work with water yet, though.

So that’s it for this one. Another project is already queued up and I’ll have details on that soon. Thanks for reading!


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