Temperature and Humidity Sensor Soldered

With the temperature and humidity monitor Visual Basic program perfectly functional, I wanted to finally package up the hardware into a neat little module I can plug and unplug easily from the Arduino, even if it’s in use for another project. I had tried soldering on a perfboard using the chisel tip that came with my iron but it was too big for me to handle. I went to Sayal today and picked up a thin conical tip (ST7) and it has worked out great, though I can use more practice.
IMG_0570I was trying to make connections between the individual pads using blobs of solder, which was the problem using the larger chisel tip. I couldn’t get the solder to flow over to another pad so I ended up bending the excess wire and soldering them together. It’s a bit of a mess but at least it works. My soldering training was on printed circuits so I just mindlessly soldered components to the board.IMG_0575The top half of the board was scrapped because it was part of my attempt to solder the 7-segment displays which did not go well at all. I plan on removing more of the board so I can make the module even smaller.IMG_0572The only wire I have are black and red so it’s kind of confusing to have two black wires coming out of the board. One is ground and the other is the signal. To remedy that issue, I cut the wires relatively short and am relying on these jumper wires to lengthen and color code them.

In addition to the iron tip, I picked up a couple of mini perfboards that I hope to find use for soon. I also picked up a crimping tool (which came with a bunch of random things like electrical tape and a voltage tester that I’ll never use) and some terminals. A PLC trainer revisit is in the works. Details on that will come soon.

Thanks for reading!


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