Netbook OS: Mint + Lubuntu

Back in September last year, I posted about the operating system on my netbook. I thought it would be a good idea to make a post about the current state since things have changed over the months.

desktop 1_004My netbook is still used for web browsing mostly, but I started using it to take notes for my online course. No, it still doesn’t need to be fast, but using a laggy system gets to me. Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment is resource heavy so it wasn’t very fast. That’s when I get into these periods of experimentation where I end up jumping between Linux distributions until I settle on one.

I tried out Linux Mint with a bunch of desktop environments that just didn’t work quite right, but I liked the programs preinstalled. I installed the Lubuntu desktop environment and I’ve been satisfied with it since. While I wish it didn’t install another archive manager, terminal, etc again for me, it’s worked out to be the best combination. For some reason, I’ve been having issues installing any Ubuntu-based distro so this is the next best thing.

It’s actually quite snappy, but I’m sure I’ll start experimenting soon enough.

PS. This is my 75th blog post. I can’t believe I’ve kept at it for this long.


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