Light Show 3: VB Control Panel

Last Friday, I posted pictures of the completed stage for the new light show. I wasn’t sure where to begin so I decided not to immediately jump into programming it to music but instead create a control panel in Visual Basic for it. I used the things I learned from the Temperature and Humidity Monitor project and applied it here.

It works the same way but on a larger scale. The VB program sends a 15 character string and the Arduino splits it up and stores the smaller segments into different variables. The stage is split into groups: servos, tower LEDs, breadboard LEDs, and spotlight LEDs. One digit is used to select the servo/LED you want to control, another digit is used to set a value to the LED (three digits for the servo position).  There is no feedback from the Arduino but since this is something only I’d use, I didn’t see the need for it. I’ll know if a command doesn’t work.

I will program the stage to music soon in the same way I always have through the Arduino IDE in C. When that’s done, the VB program will be able to start a show from the panel. Previously, I cued the music by using an LED to countdown to the start of the program. I’ll still do that while I program, but the final program will have the VB program counting down (or possibly playing the song itself, I haven’t tried that in VB yet).

Here’s a video demo of what the VB program can do so far:


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