Featured Projects Page update + Light Timer debugging

I’ve updated the Featured Projects page with my most recent projects, with a couple more to be added. Eventually, all projects will have their own page like the Temperature and Humidity Monitor. The Featured Projects page also includes the current status of each project. Unless my projects are completely scrapped, they’re usually ongoing in some degree.

Anyways, you’ll notice for the Light Timer, I’ve listed it as in need of repair. I previously posted that it’s been working daily for us and I recently stripped it for parts. Since it lost the LCD, it didn’t need a menu anymore so I took all of that code out of the program. Since then, it’s been running fine except that it stays on after the PM off time. It also has issues with the real-time clock (RTC).

Today, I retaped the RTC circuit because I think something on the breadboard was coming loose, causing the errors. I also simplified the logic for the lights. It was a little more complicated because it had to figure out what the next action was to display on the LCD (the next time the lights were to turn on or off). At this point in the afternoon, the lights should be off anyway so I’ll have to wait until tonight to see if my modifications fixed the problem. I’ll be happy to change that status if all goes well.

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