Light Show 3: Build Complete!

The last two days were dedicated to building the new stage for the light show. I’ve gone back to basics, almost mirroring the first light show I made with servos. My last light shows weren’t very popular, and that’s probably because I tried to hard to use up all of the pins on my Arduino which made it harder to program. This one will be tough to program again, but there is less to worry about.1Building the towers to hold the servos went fairly well. This time around, the towers have white LEDs on them and are a little taller. Also, the materials are already white so I don’t have to cover them up at all.
2The bottom of the towers have the openings for the LED wiring to come out. All but one LED managed to stay wired after taping the towers closed. I cut a little hole to get behind that one LED and it turns out the LED itself was damaged, not the wiring as I first thought.1This is the final result. It really does look like an evolved version of the first light show project.2… I don’t want to deal with anymore than this.
3 So that’s it for now! Programming will start soon. Thanks for reading!


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