Light Timer project: Dumbed down

1It’s been almost three weeks with the light timer project sitting out in the hallway doing its thing. Since putting it there, I haven’t touched the menu once. As you saw in my last post, I’m trying to organize myself and figure out what projects I want to work on. I just started some real work on the new light show and I needed a breadboard. With that, I decided to strip down the Light Timer project to the bare minimum.

The LCD was taken out of the project so the menu features were no longer needed. It took me about 10 minutes to strip out the menu code from the program. To communicate any errors from the real time clock, the lights will blink forever. This came in handy immediately as, for some reason, the clock keeps losing the time when the Arduino is unpowered for more than a few minutes. It should be able to retain the time with the coin battery in there but it seems to only last maybe a minute or so now. Once the Arduino is powered with the plug, the clock is fine. The blinking is quite jarring, actually, and I’m now thinking I probably should have used pin 13, the on-board LED. Oh well.

So an update on the new light show will come soon. I’ve got a plan that’s working itself out right now. It’s familiar to the first light show project, but perhaps a little cleaner this time around (though time will tell to be certain on that).


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