Storage tour + Project statuses

I’ve been wanting to do a small tour of my electronics storage shelf for a while now and since I also want to organize myself with my projects, I thought I’d do it all in one post.

My electronics storage is a three drawer shelf on top of a metal shelf. At the very top, we start with my junk pile. They’re basically small components that I was too lazy to store in whatever other place on this shelf they would belong. The wooden box is my resistor index. The cardboard box is a broken Click PLC CPU module. The toolbox holds my soldering equipment like solder, wick, and sucker. It was more useful when I only used soldering iron pens that could fit in there. My other toolbox with my tools (wire cutter, screwdrivers, etc) would normally sit stacked on top.2The first drawer of the shelf is my wire drawer. I also keep all of my empty baggies in here.3The second drawer has my ICs and most of my components. The clear box has capacitors, inductors, potentiometers, and transistors. I have another clear box like that to hold all of my LEDs that would usually be here. The red things are normally-closed contact blocks for my PLC trainer buttons.4The last drawer is my parts bin. You can spot some familiar things from my past projects…5The shelf below is my cardboard stock and where I keep my soldering iron.6This is the project on my desk right now, with my box of LEDs.

The Temperature and Humidity Monitor project is still continuing on. There are a few things I want to add onto it before I put it aside. The other project is the new light show, but that hasn’t been going very well. For one, the Arduino has been in use for the Monitor project so I haven’t really been playing around with what I’ve got so far for the light show. I do have a stage layout in mind, but I feel unmotivated about it after my last light show that had less popularity than my first ones.

I’ve been thinking of stripping some stuff off of the Light Timer project as I haven’t found myself using my menu on it at all. It has been in use out in our hallway since the beginning of January. The Uno is trapped in there, so I wouldn’t mind trying to have a bare Arduino (just the chip on a breadboard) and free up the Uno and LCD for another robotics project. In any case, I plan on adding a dedicated page for this project soon.

I’ve still got some sorting out to do… BRB.


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