Temperature and Humidity Sensor Project – Fin

The original plan was to solder a couple of 7-segment displays onto a PCB with the sensor so I could have this module that I could easily plug back in at any time. Unfortunately, I had a rough time trying to solder even just one of the displays (I need a thinner iron tip). I gave it up because I still ended up with a great end result.

This is the only picture I have from the displays (what it would show if there was a bad reading):IMG_20140110_114508Instead of searching for a library, I decided to code it all myself. There was a lot of confusing moments with segments randomly going dark (wired incorrectly) to blinking. The blinking was caused by the sensor reading library. I went in and made the delays smaller so that it would stop interfering with the displays. Doing so doesn’t seem to have any ill effects on it.

So even though I didn’t get these 7-segment displays in the final product, I still have a nice Visual Basic program to use the sensor with, and from that I’ve learned more about serial communication with a Visual Basic program which I will definitely implement in future projects. The sensor is still on a breadboard so I want to at least solder that to its own protoboard eventually.


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