Light Timer Project: The Last Connection

1I got a new soldering iron for Christmas which gave me the motivation to do some more work on this project. I’ve always shied away from soldering in my projects because I’ve only owned a crappy $15 irons until now. I didn’t like having that breadboard hanging off of the control unit so I went back at it with my new soldering iron and came out with something a lot closer to what I had in mind in the first place.3The LCD still doesn’t have a cut out but that’s fine. Like I’ve said before, another reason why I didn’t want to put the buttons directly on it was because it was a tight squeeze with all of the wiring and components jammed in there. My concern right now is a bit paranoid, but I’m afraid of a short or something breaking just because of how tightly packed it all is. So far, it seems fine. It won’t be kicked around or vibrating so things should stay in place. I’ll continue to have it running while I’m around just to keep an eye on it. I want to be confident in it before I leave it plugged in overnight.


This is the final final product. I hope.

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