Light Timer Project: Squashing bugs

A lot of bugs were coming out to play over the weekend and I hope that the copy of code I have now is free of any major ones. In addition, I managed to add in a couple of more features, though it’s starting to become that really unnecessary “fluff” but whatever.

To make things a little less jarring and to make use of the PWM pins, the lights and the LCD backlight now fade on and off when they need to. It’s a little thing that helps the project look a little more polished.

The other addition is that I can now post messages that will alternate with the usual info displayed on the bottom line. Right now, the messages are just holidays, and the only holidays I’ve got are Christmas (and eve), New Years (and eve), and Canada Day since most other holidays are ones that are like the third Monday of the month and so on. I wanted to have an alternating line to display more information, so this is the first step toward that. It may or may not change by the time I install the lights, but at least something’s been done to open up the idea.

Other than those two additions, the rest of the weekend was just debugging bugs that showed up in the time/alarm logic. I’ve also got a plan for the enclosure. It’s a food container.

I’ve got two cheap soldering irons that I haven’t used in months because they really beaten up. I need to do some soldering to package this project up so I tried cleaning up the tips. I’m writing off the one with the bent tip (I don’t even know how that happened anyway). I’d really like to buy one of those Hakko soldering stations everyone’s been raving about, though the Weller WES51 has always been on my wishlist before I heard about the Hakko iron. I also need to get one of those helping/third hand things.

So if the soldering works out, I can start transferring stuff into the enclosure. I’m hoping to show progress on that very soon.


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