Website Tour: Electronics Engineering Toolbox

The Electronics Engineering Toolbox was my first attempt at making a website using PHP and MySQL databases. The highlight of the site were the calculators that helped you convert between number systems (like binary, hex, octal) and figure out values of your components.

v1The first theme of the site wasn’t the most polished, kind of like the first version of my personal website. The focus at that time was the functionality of the site. PHP has functions to convert between number systems so that wasn’t much work compared to the component calculators. Those didn’t take all that long either.

v1pageI could never get the colors to work together… There was something just off looking at the entire page.

Before a redesign came, I tried implementing a user system. I wanted to make the site more interactive by offering quizzes and allowing people to favorite terminology pages or save calculations. I did get the user system up but none of the features that would use it were completed. Obviously it was a bust, so I went ahead with a redesign and threw out the user system.

v2This was my first site that actually looked decent. I was really proud of it.
v2pageThe pages and content remained pretty much the same while everything around it changed for the better. This is definitely a layout I would reuse again for a resource website.

So that’s the story for the Electronics Engineering Toolbox. It was a great project to work on as I got a good taste of working with PHP and MySQL. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the next website tour!


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