Adventures in amateur web design

promoI really enjoyed making websites which was something that started when I was much younger. The sites I made back then were mostly poorly put together Canada’s Wonderland fansites until I just gave up. I did try to return to designing websites in recent years with success in terms of bettering my techniques. Like I said, I really enjoyed making websites, but I lost motivation because they never got the traffic I was hoping for.

Recently, I’ve wanted to throw a couple of my recent sites back online, but I know I’d just end up taking them back down again. Instead, I’ll post screenshots and commentary on the projects.

As far as I can tell, I’ve got four websites to talk about. The series will not be in the order that the websites were made in, but each post will be the beginning-to-end story of each website. To get screenshots of my sites, I have to run the sites locally. If things go according to plan, the series will begin tomorrow. See you soon!


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