Done with eBay

I’m vowing not to use eBay anymore, though that may just be because I can’t afford to invest in any of my projects right now. Since these were my personal projects for mainly my entertainment and curiosity, I was never really in a rush to get parts. That’s why I was so tolerant of the long shipping times from China. This wasn’t always the case, though.

For my final college project, I, along with a classmate, created a sorting machine. It was originally going to use a barcode scanner to differentiate the items to be sorted. Where else but eBay would I look for such a thing? So I searched eBay and found a reasonably priced one from the States. Long story short, it doesn’t arrive. The seller abandoned eBay and didn’t not respond to any emails so the process to get my money back through a PayPal claim was smooth because of their disappearance. I found another barcode scanner shipped from a nearby city… I’m not sure if it was broken or I just didn’t know how to use it but I couldn’t get it to work so we swapped it out for a pressure sensor. We still got our A+ though.

Another eBay incident was actually my first of the three bad experiences on eBay. It was actually the original LEDs I’ve been using for my light show projects. I believe it was a batch of 100 assorted LEDs coming from China. They didn’t arrive so they sent out a new batch. That one did arrive so I guess it wasn’t a big deal. But still, I should have learned something from it.

And finally the most recent case. I ordered some jumper wires from China (which I eventually purchased from Dipmicro). It doesn’t arrive in 30 days so I send them a message. They reply in the worst broken English I’ve read in a while, saying something to the effect of having to wait another week before I can get a refund or reshipment. The problem with that was PayPal was giving me a deadline before the 40 day mark to file a claim. I figured it was just $2 so I would see what would happen. 40 days later, I send them a message and they promise a refund. It’s been a week and I still haven’t seen those $2. And guess what? They’ve abandoned their eBay store.

So I’m done with eBay. There are other distributors out there that I’ve already used and will go back to when I need to. It may be more expensive to do so, but it’s just not worth the potential headache.


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