Last chance

I’ve been close to just scrapping the new light show now but I’m giving it one more go. I have finally used up all 70 pins on the Arduino Mega. There were 9 pins still open since the Christmas Special, so where were they used?


Two more border LEDs were added. Also, the green and red LEDs were swapped out for all whites.


The last seven open pins were given two these background LEDs. Two bundles of red, green, and blue LEDs will illuminate the area behind the towers (you can kind of see the effect in the first picture). The last pin was given to a single white LED in the middle.

These background LEDs were originally going to remedy my issue of not being able to shine any light on the breadboard LEDs since the towers get in the way of the spotlights. I couldn’t do it because I ran out of jumper wires. In fact, the background LEDs were wired using wires taken from Greg the robot. Don’t worry, he still functions, he just doesn’t have any LEDs anymore.

The very last change is seen in the last picture. I play around with the configuration of the breadboard LEDs but it’s not very noticeable when I record the video and because it’s so subtle. In the next video, I do plan on recording the show a little bit higher. It’s just that I found the camera stays in focus better if it’s stable so I’ll need to find something taller (I’ve actually been using the PLC trainer as a stand).

So that’s it. I plan on doing one very very short song before the end of the year. I will probably scrap the project in favor of a refresh for the beginning of 2014. Thanks for reading!


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