PREMIERE — Christmas Special 2013

Yesterday I made a post about what I envisioned when I was building the show. Now that it’s out there, it’s a little easier to make a few more notes about the show.

  • The original tracklist was “Spirit of the Season” (Alan Silvestri) , “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” (Mariah Carey), “Feliz Navidad” (Jose Feliciano), and “Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday” (Nsync).
    • “Feliz Navidad” was changed to the Glee version because it wasn’t as upbeat. I dislike Glee, but their rendition of Feliz Navidad was good.
    • Spirit of the Season was cut to just that short opening bit because I made it half way through the song but it was just dragging on. At that point, I lost a lot of motivation which is why Mariah Carrey’s track disappeared completely.
    • All of these revisions of the soundtrack resulted in a very short show. I suppose it’s better than nothing.
  • One thing I was counting on was having the servo LEDs shine onto the breadboard but the neighboring towers prevent it from doing so. If I keep up with this setup, I will have to move them around.
  • The last spotlight at the end of Feliz Navidad is supposed to be bowing, a homage to World of Color at Disney California Adventure.
  • I know it seems early for a Christmas show but if Disney parks can do it, why can’t I?

I hope you enjoyed it! Happy holidays!


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