The stage is set.

Since my last post about throwing in some green LEDs, a lot of progress has been made in improving the stage and things are coming together nicely. At this point, the hardware is done except for one bonus feature I still want to experiment with. Now that the main features are put in place, I can start considering what songs I want to use. I’m doing a Christmas mix for sure, but I also want to do other songs as well, possibly a 2013 mix. I’ll sort that out soon enough. Anyways, on to some pictures and notes from the construction!

The biggest improvement for the stage is filling in the area beside the single tower. I thought about different ideas like stringing lights like a Christmas tree or creating a web of wires so I could have LEDs floating in the air like stars. I chose to make more towers because I felt like it would give off the best polished look. It may look pretty awful in the daylight but the darkness hides its flaws pretty well.IMG_20131112_150106The build techniques were different for both sides. The left side was done first so the mistakes were made there. I tried making the two towers as one piece with a separator but that led to problems putting on the tissue paper. I managed to get that finished, then decided to just make individual towers for the last two.

IMG_20131112_152426I’m still considering putting something to line the bottom so that the holes for the wires are covered but it’s not as noticeable when it’s dark.

IMG_20131112_191452Add in some RGB LEDs and you’ve got something going. IMG_20131114_120029Once the light test was over, I was starting to question whether the moving spotlights would still be as effective with the additions. I thought about moving them around or changing the orientation, but I decided to just leave them. They may end up staying stationary most of the time but I’m okay with that.

To help keep them from looking out of place, I added sockets along the edges of the towers, as seen in the picture above. I ran out of jumper wires but more are coming in the mail so I’ll have to wait for those to arrive before I can move further.

BTW, the tissue box is to keep any floating wires away from the power bar I have there…

I’ll be back with more when I sort out the music. Thanks for reading!


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