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If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and are looking for basic electronics components, have a look at Dipmicro. It’s harder to get a hold on such cheap parts in Canada since we don’t have as many options as the States. Standard shipping is just a few bucks and the package took four business days to reach me. I already have things in my cart again. I’m glad this first try worked out well.

Aside from a couple of mini breadboards, here’s the short list of things I got. I picked up this blue LCD display for my next generation of Frank the robot. I’m still trying to work out the form because I’m trying to make it as simple and compact as possible. Of course, I’ll post some updates on that when they’re ready.IMG_20131107_151546

I picked up an organizer from the dollar store for my LEDs, especially with my incoming clear green and white LEDs from Dipmicro. I’ve been playing around with the LCD so much that I still haven’t tried them out. Along with the new robot, the light show project will be getting some new features in time for Christmas. Again, I’ll be updating this blog with the details a little later on.IMG_20131107_190400

And finally, we have these wires. I ordered two sets of 40 female to male jumper wires. These are the same things I was (and still am) waiting for from China. I’m still working on resolving that situation… I want those $2 back before I go back and purchase more from these guys!IMG_20131107_190436So yeah, I’ve got a couple of projects to cap off the year. Stay tuned!


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