Never enough LEDs

The LEDs I’m using now were purchased all the way back in 2011 when my Arduino projects first began. I purchased a bulk of them at once and the supply has held me over these couple of years. Now that I’m starting to explore a little more with servos and different stage configurations, I’m also learning more about the materials as well. I know that tissue paper works a pretty decent light diffuser. I also know that my green LEDs are just not cutting it. I’m also down to one back-up white LED.


As I mentioned in the post about the Halloween show, I said I left out these green LEDs because they look out of place against of the rest of the LEDs. They’re just not bright enough. To fix that, I need to find some clear green LEDs. Also in that post, I said I purchased some jumper wires but those didn’t show up on time.

I’m a cheap person and I’m not really afraid to admit that. I seek out cheap supplies since these are just personal projects for fun. That always leads me to eBay and Chinese sellers. I have patience in most cases, but sometimes it can get frustrating. I’m now trying to get my money back for those wires that haven’t shown up. I made a deal with myself to find only North American sellers with near perfect feedback ratings, though I had to file a claim once because of an item that didn’t show up from an American seller. Anyways, I went searching for the LEDs and wires I wanted. I had a great wishlist. Then I hit the jackpot (fingers crossed, anyway).

There’s a company called Dipmicro that has warehouses on both sides of the border in the Niagara area. Shipping is cheap ($3 for standard) and they have a good selection of cheap LEDs. I purchased the green and white LEDs, along with a couple of breadboards, the jumper wires, and an LCD for another project (Frank 2.0??). I’m really hoping this works out because I will definitely return to shop there in the future if it does.

I’ll be back with an update when that package arrives, along with details on what’s next for the light show and possibly a sneak peak of Frank 2.0 (that won’t be the final name). Exciting! See you then!


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