PREMIERE — Halloween ’13

I’m so excited to share with you this new project! It was done impulsively, doing whatever came to mind at the time. The biggest goal was incorporating a third RGB LED servo spotlight which is really the only major difference from my previous light show project.

Here are some commentary notes on the final show you see above:

  • Each RGB LED spotlight was supposed to have their own stand but materials and time didn’t allow for it.
  • The original soundtrack included “Thriller” by Michael Jackson but I was going for a more ominous theme so it kind of killed the mood. It almost ended up as the post-show song but I wanted a more definitive end.
  • I completed each song separately, and it wasn’t until I put them together that I chose the post-show song. It went from Thriller as mentioned previously, to “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest, to “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus for a silly end.
  • As you probably know, these light show projects are inspired by real productions primarily seen in theme parks. That’s kind of why I keep using the term “post-show”… Speaking of the post-show, the reason I left that bit after the last messages was because that’s what real shows seem to do. It’s the point where people can chose to stick around for a little longer and admire the stage or just leave.
  • The LEDs on the ground were supposed to be more spread out. I ordered some jumper wires back in September from China to help me accomplish this, but they didn’t arrive in time. That’s why I went with breadboarded LEDs.
  • I opt-ed not to use any green LEDs on the breadboard because the ones I have are not very bright and they sort of fade out among the rest. For the Christmas special, I do plan on getting some brighter green LEDs, maybe put them in place of the blue LEDs and then mix the blues with the whites. We’ll see when we get there.
  • The first bit of the last song (United We Stand)… You may have noticed that half of the time the tower came up blue. That’s not what I wanted… That’s what it wanted. There are many elements that use the rand() [random integer] function, and this was one of them. There were rehearsals where each time the color was actually different. We’ll get it next time.
  • YouTube caught all four songs for copyright, so the video may not be available on mobile or certain countries…

Thanks a lot for watching and reading! Happy Halloween!


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