Halloween Project — It’s happening!

I took apart the old light show project about a month go when I posted the very last video of it. I wanted to bring back a refreshed show in time for Halloween, but I was getting worried because I kept putting it off. I had a foggy idea in mind so I just forced myself to start one day.

The first day of construction was building the tower for the spotlights. There are three spotlights in this show. There were originally going to have their own stands but I didn’t have the materials or time for it. Instead, I ended up with this:

thingThere is an RGB LED inside of the tower. Three sides are cardboard with the front face “open” but covered in tissue paper to diffuse the light.

The LEDs also had a different design but my soldering iron sucks so I try never using it unless I absolutely have to. I had ordered some female-to-female jumper wires from China at the end of last month but they still haven’t showed up. That was one of the reasons I kept putting this project off, because I had some confidence in the postal service. Heh. With time becoming a factor, I fell back on another breadboarded LED strip. With the jumper wires, I wouldn’t be bound to the size of the breadboard and the nature of the rails.

The goal is have the show ready for the 30th. If everything is ready by then, I’ll post it up that day. If not, it’s Halloween day. At the time of this post, I’m one and a half songs into it. There are three songs, and then a post-show. At this point, I’m going to tell you to stick around until the last song… I have the most confidence in that sequence right now…

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