Canada’s Wonderland, October 20 2013

I made a final 2013 trip to Canada’s Wonderland on the second last weekend of the season. It’s somewhat of a sad moment as I can’t afford a 2014 season pass. Hopefully the situation will change by next fall so I can grab a 2015 season pass (it’s weird saying that) and use the free visit next fall.

2The park is littered with Halloween and autumn decorations. I did an entire walk around the park including the kids areas and was thoroughly impressed with the amount of details they put into decorating for the fall season. I haven’t visited Halloween Haunt since 2006 when it was still FearFest, but it looks like it’s gotten better as each year passes.



IMG_20131020_104915The troll by the Medieval Faire drawbridge, perhaps the best placed troll in any Cedar Fair park.


6The props in the last three pictures were animatronics still running during the day. The kids got either really excited or really spooked.

3 I hadn’t been to the park since the holes started appearing on the mountain. It’s pretty cool that the park can now expand into areas we never really thought about before. Here’s the new entrance built for two new Haunt mazes.

4 The exit for the mazes comes out in the back here next to Vortex’s lift hill. Judging by how nice they finished it, I’m guessing this will end up being the exit for Wonder Mountain’s Guardian.
5I always get scared every winter to think that Sledge Hammer won’t be around for the upcoming season. The ride has a reputation for downtime but it’s now doing pretty well from what I saw. Supposedly the ride runs better when it’s cooler so that might just be it.

I’ll end this with a couple of panorama shots I took just before leaving.



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