Halloween project brainstorming

I’ve gone through several options in my head for a Halloween project and I think it would be nice to lay them out. It will just be a refreshed light show in a different form. I kind of want to make it generic so I can adjust it for Christmas and unthemed shows.

The first plan is to make a circular stage. I have three servos that can act as spotlights again, as well as a continuous rotation motor. I was thinking of having the continuous servo spin the entire thing with one or two rings of LEDs and the three spotlights shining off the top. I think this one is the most challenging option since I have no budget for this project (as in $0) so getting materials to make it round and reinforced for movement will be hard. Also, the fact that it’s spinning means programming will be a tedious process since I’d have to find a way to make the port open enough so I can unplug it without ripping the entire thing apart.

The second plan has some inspiration from Six Flags Great America’s Ignite show stage. It’s basically an all white stage with no curves, just sharp corners. I didn’t care much for the show but the projections were pretty neat. Again, materials would be an issue since there will be a lot of cuts to make.

The last plan is a simplified version of the second idea. It would basically be a three panel “stage” that would have LED borders and some ambient light for each panel. The kicker for this one is that the three spotlights would be attached to a pole and would rise up from behind the panels, kind of like the orbs that rise out of the water for World of Color at Disney California Adventure. I just want to use all four motors I have, including the continuous rotation servo…

With the way things are going, I’m a little worried I’m going to have nothing ready for Halloween. Oh well, there’s always Christmas.


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